Your Burning Questions About Google Grants for Nonprofits and SEO – Answered

By Kari Rippetoe | Oct 12, 2012
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Online Marketing Tactics for Nonprofits WebinarLast week’s webinar “The 4 Online Marketing Tactics Nonprofits Need for Success” resulted in a lot of great questions from attendees – questions we were, unfortunately, unable to get to on the day because the webinar ran overtime.  But, I did promise that I would post answers to your questions, and I like to keep my promises.

Today’s Q&A focuses on questions about the Google for Nonprofits Google Grants program and about general SEO, which panelist Amanda Chaney, Account Director at Search Mojo, covered during the webinar. By the way – you can view the full recorded webinar here.

Question 1: Should your meta data tags differ for each website page or stay the same?

Absolutely they should. Each page should be about a different topic, so you want the meta description to sum up what that page is about. Those tags are what searchers see in the search engine results pages (SERPs), and it needs to inform them of what they can expect to find once they click through your result and get to that page. Try to keep those meta descriptions to 160 characters or under, as that’s typically where engines cut off and show the “…”. Here you can see an example result, with the meta description tag as the black text, describing our Facebook Advertising Services specifically, instead of something more generic, since the page it directs to is the page about the Facebook Advertising Services.

Facebook Advertising Search Result - Search Mojo

Question 2: Is Google still running ads the same way? No ads show up today when I search on Google.

Yes, try logging out of your Google account, and see if ads show then. Sometimes Google personalizes search results, or if it’s a branded term sometimes no ads will show, simply because the company is not advertising on their brand searches. We’ve seen glitches before, though, from Google where certain terms won’t show ads at all, but in time they find and fix those issues; you can always notify them if you think ads should be showing but they are not. The Google AdWords Help Center number is 1-866-246-6453.

Question 3: If you are a segment of a larger organization, can you still be eligible for this grant system?

Here’s Google’s take on that: “We only allow one membership per organization. However, branches of umbrella organizations that share Employee Identification Numbers (EINs) with their parent organizations are eligible for individual memberships. Branches must indicate that they are applying as a ‘related organization’ during the application process and go through additional screening.”

Question 4: Regarding grants eligibility for independent film production, does having a 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor count, or does the film production company itself have to be a nonprofit?

Your organization itself must hold a current 501(c)3 status as determined by the IRS to be eligible.

Question 5: Do the same Google ads show up on mobile and tablets? Or can you do that with the granted ads?

You have the ability to show your Google Grant ads on desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices with full internet browsers, as well as tablets with full internet browsers. You can always opt to not show on certain devices, but as long as it’s for, you are able to advertise on all those devices.

Next week, Jill Bastian of VerticalResponse answers your burning questions about email and social media marketing for nonprofits, especially with the holiday giving season approaching!

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