Display Remarketing Significantly Increases Coupon Downloads for Southern States


Southern States Cooperative, an agricultural supply cooperative with more than 1,200 retail store locations in 23 states, wanted to increase the number of coupon downloads from their website to drive more in-store visits to its retail locations.


Establishment of Google AdWords remarketing lists to collect audiences with interests in the products on SouthernStates.com allowed them to target coupons and other promotions specifically to the browsers of those specific items, or similar items as they go on sale in seasonal promotional periods.

Marketing Mojo created display advertising campaigns through the Google Display Network, focusing on coupon downloads, that allowed Southern States to target those previous product viewers. We also tested specific product viewer audiences on coupon offers that didn’t apply to any specific products. These focused on offers like “$20 your next purchase of $100 or more.”

Southern States has several seasonal sales on specific agricultural products, like its “Chick Days” sale that offers in-store promotional prices on poultry-raising products, as well as live baby chicks, so poultry farmers can purchase their spring poultry livestock in the store. Collecting remarketing audiences for the maximum 540 day duration can be utilized to build the ad targeting needed for large promotional events like Chick Days.
Remarketing lists of specific product viewers were created between May and July of 2013. They were left to essentially grow for a few months so they could achieve a greater audience scale, and were also used as tools to achieve other marketing goals like driving incremental views of the company’s current advertising circulars.

Marketing Mojo began utilizing coupon specific offers at the start of the holiday promotions in late November and has continually used them as part of the overall marketing strategy. Marketing Mojo also simultaneously supported Southern States promotional circular and direct mailer products, which frequently included downloadable coupons, with display remarketing advertising on the Google Display Network.

Both custom-made banner ads and Google’s Ready Creative ad tools were utilized to create the coupon specific offers. Ready Creative Banner ads that utilized images of the actual coupon as the major creative imagery were particularly effective in driving coupon prints (even with noticeable differences in artistic quality compared to the custom made creative ads).

Southern States Coupon Banner Example2     Southern States Coupon Banner Example

Southern States Retargeting Banner Example


Average coupon prints per month from pay-per-click advertising increased 342% with the introduction of display remarketing.

Southern States Retargeting Case Study - Results1

The improvements in ad targeting from utilizing product-specific remarketing also had a significant impact on improving the quality of the ad clicks. The likelihood of coupon viewers from pay-per-click advertising printing the promotional coupons increased around 225% from the previous advertising performance, which did not utilize display remarketing audiences for ad targeting.

Southern States Retargeting Case Study Results2

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