Case Study:

Marketing Mojo Helps GuideStar Achieve Google Grantspro Status and Increase Ad Revenue


The world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations, GuideStar, believes in revolutionizing philanthropy by “providing information that advances transparency, enables users to make better decisions, and encourages charitable giving.”

To further its mission, GuideStar offers a variety of products and services to both organizations and individuals, providing non-profits with the tools they need to promote transparency, and consumers with detailed information on 1.8 million non-profits to help them be educated when they donate.

Marketing Mojo began working with GuideStar in February 2011, managing paid advertising for the organization’s Google Ad Grants account. In September 2011, GuideStar, with Marketing Mojo’s guidance and account management, increased its $10,000/month in free advertising (Ad Grants) to $40,000/month by achieving Grantspro status. With the large additional advertising budget, GuideStar was looking to achieve increases year-over-year in both revenue generation and conversions from the Google AdWords Grantspro account.

One of the main challenges with GuideStar’s advertising was deciphering search intent based on the relevant, non-branded keywords being bid on in the AdWords auction. Although the keywords were relevant to GuideStar’s offerings, they also had multiple meanings. Our target audience was being reached, but so was a vast alternative audience that would not find what they were looking for on the site but who were clicking on ads and spending a portion of our very valuable budget.

A secondary challenge was that AdWords advertising competition continued to increase, which lead to rises in average cost-per-click. With Ad Grants accounts being limited to $2 keyword bids, the budget had to be strategically spent and remain competitive without the ability to bid high enough on certain keywords.


To combat these challenges, Marketing Mojo implemented a number of strategic management techniques to optimize keyword performance while remaining competitive in the auction.

  • Introduced more segmented ad groups and conducted ad testing by implementing new, highly relevant copy into the re-segmented ad groups. These changes increased ad relevancy for users, dissuaded irrelevant users from clicking, and overall increased click-through rate.
  • Performed extensive keyword performance analysis to determine which keywords were performing well and which should be removed or have bids adjusted. These findings lead to specific keyword bid decreases and pausing of keywords spending too much budget while not generating sufficient revenue, allowing the daily budget to be spent more wisely and on better-performing keywords.
  • Reallocating daily campaign budgets based on priority product campaigns and other campaigns generating the most revenue.
  • Implement campaign-level ad schedules, which allowed us to capitalize on the days of the week and time of day searchers were most likely to convert, no longer wasting impressions and budget on users who would click but not convert.


Our efforts significantly improved GuideStar’s ad performance and revenue over the last four years.

  • Average year-over-year click-through-rate increase of 16.6%


  • Average year-over-year purchase conversions increased by 26.8%
  • Since 2011, purchase conversions have increased each year


  • On average year-over-year, revenue increased by 30%
  • Revenue increases reported each year since 2011