Marketing Mojo Helped Southern Teachers Agency Re-Launch Website with SEO Improvements that Increased Organic Traffic by 225% and Applications by 250%


Southern Teachers Agency (STA) has been placing teachers and administrators with independent schools in the South for over 100 years. When STA relaunched its website, they turned to Marketing Mojo to ensure that their new website would be search-engine friendly and engaged Marketing Mojo to optimize the new site.

Additionally, STA wanted to improve upon its current organic rankings with its new site. Marketing Mojo worked with STA and its web design and development teams to:

  • Edit page content
  • Suggest new content pages for highly searched terms that were currently underrepresented in page content on the site
  • Provide recommendations for page speed improvements, including image optimization and browser caching
  • Recommend a move to secure protocol (HTTPS)
  • Create and register new XML Sitemaps for the new site
  • Ensure that the new site met mobile optimization guidelines


Marketing Mojo monitored the launch of the new site to ensure a smooth transition and to make sure that there were no sudden dips in rankings.

One year after the launch of the new site, STA reported the following changes in Google organic search results:

  • 224.52% increase in new visitors
  • 128.77% increase in overall visits
  • 257.92% increase in started applications
  • 250.87% increase in completed applications

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