Case Study:

Marketing Mojo Generates More Qualified Leads for ScottMadden with Conversion Rates as High as 35%


ScottMadden is a management consulting firm that focuses on energy consulting and corporate & shared services. They approached Marketing Mojo to help improve their digital advertising efforts. One of the most important pieces of content that ScottMadden publishes is the bi-annual Energy Industry Update (EIU) report. This report showcases ScottMadden’s expertise and knowledge in the energy industry – one of the key industry focus areas for the company.


ScottMadden had been utilizing Google Ads to promote the EIU in the past, but Marketing Mojo suggested to also integrate LinkedIn advertising for this promotion because the LinkedIn platform allowed Marketing Mojo to target specific energy industry executives that would be interested in the content of the EIU. Marketing Mojo also painstakingly built out an extensive demographic-based list in LinkedIn targeting executives in electrical cooperatives. Additionally, Marketing Mojo built out new landing pages for ScottMadden to capture lead data when ad respondents downloaded the EIU report. Now, instead of just views of the report, ScottMadden would also have active lead information that could be used for sales follow-up or additional targeted advertising.


Marketing Mojo generated aggregate measurements of:

  • 8.01% conversion rate
  • $37.06 cost/conversion

LinkedIn also generated an 18.75% higher click through rate than Google Ads. The highly-specific campaign targeting electrical cooperatives generated a 35% conversion rate in LinkedIn. Overall, LinkedIn campaigns generated a 9.25% conversion rate, outperforming Google’s conversion rate of 7.22%.