Marketing Mojo Helps Edgewood Health Network Increase Website and Phone Inquiries by up to 725% Using Paid Search & SEO

Paid Search and SEO Case Study


Edgewood Health Network is a group of alcohol and drug treatment facilities located in Canada. Marketing Mojo began working with Edgewood to help improve their visibility to prospective patients online and increase qualified inquiries, helping those that needed help to connect with treatment faster at Edgewood. This paid search and SEO case study outlines Marketing Mojo’s efforts to increase inquiries.


Marketing Mojo employed both paid search advertising and search engine optimization (SEO) for Edgewood to increase visibility and connect those in need of addiction treatment with the Edgewood facilities.

Paid Search:

Marketing Mojo optimized the Edgewood AdWords account to improve performance by:

  • Reorganizing the account and restricting search geolocation to areas closest to the respective facilities
  • Expanding and breaking out campaigns into more focused areas, allowing for greater budget control
  • Updating call conversion settings to only record in AdWords as conversions when a user was on a call for 60 seconds or more, increasing quality of call conversions
  • Developing custom landing pages with simplified navigation and a clearer conversion path, specifically focusing on two calls to action – filling out a Request For Information (RFI) form and manually dialing or clicking on a telephone number
    • Shortening the form fields on the RFI form to increase ease of completion and conversion rates
    • Implementing click-to-call coding on the landing page phone number which allowed for additional call conversion tracking.


Marketing Mojo helped fix problems with Edgewood’s new website, including the country settings, which were incorrect in Google Search Console. Fixing this issue helped the site move back to results and show less in results. In addition, Marketing Mojo identified issues with Google Analytics setup for the site and made the necessary changes to track and measure accurately.

With drug and alcohol rehabilitation, it’s important to be available in the moment when the prospective patient is ready to ask for help. Marketing Mojo wanted to ensure that mobile searchers could easily and quickly connect with the facility to seek treatment. To increase visibility and accessibility, Marketing Mojo:

  • Implemented click to call coding on the phone numbers on the new website
  • Ran a conversion rate optimization test – enlarging the phone number on the page so it was very visible and easy to click


Paid Search:

From paid search alone, Marketing Mojo increased incoming phone inquiries by over 725% and increased online inquiries through landing pages and the website by over 450%. On top of that, conversion rate increased overall by 34% while cost per conversion decreased by 44% year-over-year.


In the first four months alone of managing the SEO, Marketing Mojo increased Edgewood’s Google organic traffic by over 10% and new visitors by over 9%.

In that same time period, the A|B test yielded 50% more click-to-call inquiries and improved the conversion rate by 22% using the larger phone number.

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