Case Study:

Marketing Mojo Helps LexisNexis Increase PPC Revenue 167% with Less Advertising Budget


LexisNexis turned to Marketing Mojo for help with search advertising (Google Adwords and Bing) and Remarketing campaigns for Nexis, its online news and research service. The ultimate goal was of course to attract quality leads that would convert into Nexis sales and dramatically improve ROI on ad spend.

Marketing Mojo worked with Nexis for more than a year and during that time, it was able to transform its online advertising with some impressive results – including a 167% increase in revenue coming from pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns.

To take Nexis search advertising to the next level, Marketing Mojo identified a few key areas of improvement.

  • Need for Landing Page Redesign: The previous landing page suffered from a lack of user-friendly design and an underperforming call-to-action (CTA), “Contact a Representative”.
  • Need for Keyword Bid Adjustments: Analytics showed that much of the ad budget was going toward broad, non-branded keywords related to the features of Nexis that did not result in converted leads.
  • Uneven Geographic Conversion Performance: The bids were consistent across all geographical areas, even though there were certain areas that drove a great number of ad clicks but never converted.
  • Need for more Targeted Display Remarketing: These types of ads broadly targeted website visitors who weren’t necessarily looking for the Nexis service.


Marketing Mojo continuously uses data as a guide to optimize ad campaign performance. For LexisNexis, they focused on the following changes:

  • Focus on Successful Keywords: Budget was reallocated from poor converting display campaigns to search ads with non-branded keywords that had a proven record of conversion success.
  • Optimized Landing Page: The creation of a new CTA, “Free Trial”, on an easier-to-read landing page presented a more compelling offer to the audience.
  • Enhanced Bidding Features: In some cases, analytics clearly showed a correlation between geography and conversion ROI. Areas that showed a relatively high cost per conversion or low ROI were adjusted using enhanced bidding features in Google Adwords.


LexisNexis realized the following year-over-year results on Nexis pay-per-click ads:

  • A 68% increase in PPC conversions (those who signed up for Free Trial)
  • A 167% increase in Nexis revenues derived from PPC
  • A 263% increase in Nexis return on ad spend

While these are impressive metrics by themselves, what is even more significant is that Marketing Mojo achieved these improvements with 27% less advertising budget. Data-driven ad campaign optimization is a core competency for Marketing Mojo with obviously proven and continually improving results.