Case Study:

Marketing Mojo Helps Ryan Homes Improve Page Load Time 28-36% for SEO


Ryan Homes is an American homebuilder that has been building family homes for over 65 years. Ryan Homes engaged with Marketing Mojo to assess how it might improve organic visibility for its company website.


Marketing Mojo performed an SEO audit for Ryan Homes. One of the most significant findings was that the page load speed of the pages could be significantly improved. Page load speed is a known ranking factor for Google, both for desktop and mobile searches. In addition to being a known ranking factor for Google, page load time also can dramatically impact conversion rate since it is connected to lower abandonment rates and better engagement numbers.

Marketing Mojo recommended a list of potential site edits that would in turn reduce page load time, and Ryan Homes began making several of the updates to the site.


In the first ten months after the audit, the recommendations reduced page load time by 27.8% overall and 36.18% for mobile.

These page load improvements helped the average organic position in Google improve 14.3 spots year-over-year, leading to:

  • 8.55% lift in organic visitors YoY
  • 10.66% lift in new organic visitors YoY
  • 12.90% lift in organic sessions YoY
  • 16.67% lift in contact us submissions from organic YoY
  • 15.69% lift in live chat from organic YoY
  • 20.55% lift in visits scheduled from organic YoY