Case Study:

Marketing Mojo Helps Southern States Regain Organic Traffic after New Website Launch


Southern States Co-op is a garden and farm implement company with retail locations across the southern United States. Many of its products, like animal feed, are very heavy and would be expensive to ship. So Southern States does not sell its products online, but rather they do share inventory availability online for your local store. To compete with online retailers, it’s important for Southern States’ products to be visible in organic search so that local searchers can find the product and purchase it on the same day at the local store.


Two months after their new website launched, Southern States asked Marketing Mojo to perform an SEO audit on the site. The site’s overall organic traffic had dropped 47.19% since the relaunch.

The audit revealed that the new design of the product pages was likely the issue. The new product pages used Javascript to render the product information on each product detail page. While search engine indexing robots like Googlebot can read some types of Javascript, they can’t always read or render all types of Javascript. This was the issue for the Southern States product pages – the Javascript used to render the product information was not working for the search engine robots, leaving the robots to only see a blank page. Without rich content to read on the page, the search engines couldn’t rank the page for specific terms, and thus the organic traffic to the site was dropping.

Marketing Mojo worked with Southern States on the dynamic rendering option for their site, allowing search robots to see a fully rendered version of the page in regular HTML versus the robots having to try to parse the page’s Javascript. This provided the search robots with the same information as a human visitor would see on the site.


Within the first two months after the audit and the rendering solution was applied, organic traffic overall increased 51.38%, and organic traffic to the product pages, which were the most affected pages on the site, increased 155.84%.