Case Study:

Marketing Mojo Identifies Attribution Tracking Issues in Pardot for GetWellNetwork


GetWellNetwork (GWN) is a healthcare software company, providing solutions to physician practices and urgent care clinics. GWN reached out to Marketing Mojo to perform a digital advertising audit of their Google Ads efforts.


Marketing Mojo performed a comprehensive digital advertising audit for GWN, and in addition to identifying opportunities for ad improvements, we also identified some existing issues with GWN’s landing pages and attribution tracking. GWN was using Pardot for its marketing automation system, which it also used for the forms on its landing pages.

Upon closer inspection, leads generated through Google Ads were not tracked in the marketing automation system with the appropriate lead source. There were two core reasons for this issue: 1. missing form fields and 2. automated rules.

First, the landing page form in Pardot did not have a lead source field assigned to it. Essentially, this meant that the lead source had no placeholder for that lead when the lead filled out the form. Second, if no lead source was assigned in the form, the automated rules in Pardot automatically assigned the lead source as “website.” This meant that the leads coming from ads were all being attributed to “website” as opposed to Google advertising. Marketing Mojo identified this issue for GetWellNetwork in the audit so that the attribution tracking could be fixed.


The Digital Ad Audit performed by Marketing Mojo identified a major issue with GetWellNetwork attribution reporting. After making this fix, GetWellNetwork will be able to produce accurate ROI reports showing the value of their Google Ad campaigns.