Case Study:

Marketing Mojo Increases Qualified Prospective Students by 103% for the University of Washington


The University of Washington tasked Marketing Mojo with advertising its College of Arts & Sciences’ new online Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Social Sciences (ISS) degree. The campaign required rapid deployment and quick promotion to build awareness and deliver qualified prospective students for the new program.


Marketing Mojo worked with and advised marketing teams at the University of Washington on the following solutions to improve lead quality and volume for its ISS program. Marketing Mojo:

  • Created the layout of a responsive web design version of the landing page to ensure an optimal experience for the high quantity of smartphone users that clicked on ISS ads.
  • Advised the University of Washington on budget re-allocation from search advertising to demographically-targeted social media advertising platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn. Search ads had previously produced the greatest lead volume, but the worst percentages of qualified prospective students. Demographic targeting options on social ad channels allowed for more accurate ad targeting to students qualified for the degree completion program.
  • Recommended the University of Washington to significantly narrow its focus on keywords on search advertising to maximize qualified student volume.
  • Refined ad targeting on social channels to better target qualified students.
  • Proposed to the University of Washington to expand the duration of advertising and employ a “smarter-slower” strategy to spread its ISS advertising budget over time versus a short-term, “heavy-up” budget strategy first utilized for the program introduction.


The revised budget strategy, combined with Marketing Mojo’s recommended campaign execution, helped make University of Washington’s ISS online advertising successful, yielding the following results:

  • Increased qualified applicant pool by 103%
  • Increased online advertising conversions by 88%
  • Increased conversion rate by 134%
  • Decreased cost per conversion by 69%
  • Decreased cost to acquire qualified student by 71%