Case Study:

Marketing Mojo Reduces Cost Per Lead by 93% and Increases Lead Volume Over 6000% for Southern States


Southern States Cooperative is a regional, farmer-owned agricultural supply cooperative operating in the southern United States supplying farm goods and residential goods for home and garden. Marketing Mojo has been managing paid search for Southern States since 2013.

More recently, a major focus for Southern States has been its home propane and heating oil delivery service. Propane and heating oil inquiries are completed online and fulfilled by the local Southern States Co-op store. This Google AdWords lead generation case study outlines Marketing Mojo’s efforts to increase online inquiries.


Marketing Mojo focused on several changes and efficiencies to continually optimize the digital advertising campaigns for Southern States, including:

  • Implementing bid adjustments, mobile device adjustments, location adjustments, age adjustments and ad copy testing
  • Expanding the advertising timeframe to better match search demand trends uncovered by the Marketing Mojo team
  • Running landing page testing for the propane and heating oil campaigns


The new campaigns and tactics saw such great momentum from the beginning that Southern States increased budget mid-way through the home heating season by 126%. Working with Southern States, Marketing Mojo was able to:

  • Improve click-through rate on the home heating oil and propane Google AdWords ads by 113% year over year, reduce the cost per lead by 93% year over year, and increase the overall KPI conversion rate to 18%
  • Optimize the new landing page conversions to produce 22% more leads, increasing the lead conversion rate by almost 22% while reducing cost per lead by 18%

The campaign brought in so many leads that the corporate office had to re-evaluate the best way to distribute leads from the online form to the stores. The increase in budget coupled with the optimized campaigns led to an increase in propane/heating oil leads of over 6,336% year over year. To address the new influx of leads, Southern States programmed an internal application to process the incremental influx of heating leads coming from the Google AdWords campaign and landing page.