Case Study:

Marketing Mojo SEO and CRO Services Increase Calls by 51.34% for Edgewood Health Network


Edgewood Health Network (EHN) is a group of alcohol and drug treatment facilities located in Canada. EHN was not ranking well in organic search and needed to be found in search to be able to reach those asking for help with their drug or alcohol addiction.


EHN began working with Marketing Mojo to improve its organic reach. As one of the first steps in our process, Marketing Mojo audited the EHN site. An immediate problem for EHN was that their website appeared in Google US, but rarely in Google Canada, which meant that Canadians were not necessarily able to find the treatment facilities via their native version of Google. Marketing Mojo corrected the country settings so that Google would recognize the correct country for EHN’s site. With drug and alcohol rehabilitation, it’s important to be available in the moment when the prospective patient is ready to ask for help. Marketing Mojo wanted to ensure that mobile searchers could easily and quickly connect with the facility to seek treatment. To increase visibility and accessibility, Marketing Mojo:
  • Implemented click to call coding on the phone numbers on the new website
  • Ran a conversion rate optimization test – enlarging the phone number on the page so it was very visible and easy to click


In the first four months alone of managing the SEO, Marketing Mojo increased Edgewood’s Google organic traffic by over 10% and new visitors by over 9%. The A|B test yielded 50% more click-to-call inquiries and improved the conversion rate by 51.34% using the larger phone number.