Case Study:

Marketing Mojo SEO Audit and Management Services Generate Demo and Contact Requests for GetWellNetwork


GetWellNetwork (GWN) is a healthcare software company, providing solutions to physician practices and urgent care clinics. After a recent relaunch and rebrand of their website, GetWellNetwork wanted to accelerate and grow its organic search presence and increase demo requests.


Marketing Mojo began working as GWN’s SEO partner, assisting with optimization of the site and tracking organic success through increased organic traffic, visibility and lead generation. One of the first steps that we take when we bring on a new client is to evaluate Google Analytics to ensure we’re tracking progress towards meeting business goals. While GWN had a demo request for on its site, they were not actively tracking in Google Analytics how many site visitors were completing this goal. Marketing Mojo set up new goal tracking for the demo request as well as other important key performance indicators (KPIs) to begin tracking success of all marketing channels towards lead generation efforts.

To improve the SEO, Marketing Mojo first ran an SEO audit [link to SEO Audit page]. Key SEO priorities identified by the audit included fixing on-page content issues, resolving 404 errors on the site, and increasing internal linking. Marketing Mojo prioritized efforts on the site’s product pages.


Google indicates that SEO results take at least four months on average to achieve. In the first four months of our SEO engagement with GWN compared to the same time for the previous year, Marketing Mojo:

  • Increased organic traffic by 8.44%
  • Increased new visitors from organic by 14.98%

In the first year of optimization, Marketing Mojo increased organic results for the product solutions pages:

  • Increased organic traffic by 58.94%
  • Increased new visitors from organic traffic by 57.06%

Most importantly, this new influx of organic traffic also increased KPIs and lead generation on the site. Organic search drove the most conversions of all of the marketing channels, including:

  • 61.05% of demo requests
  • 59.32% of “contact us” page submissions
  • 46.30% of PDF downloads