Case Study:

Marketing Mojo Uses Facebook and Google Ad Campaigns to Increase Store Visits for Southern States by 42%


Southern States Co-op is a garden and farm implement company with retail locations across the southern United States. According to the US Census Bureau’s Quarterly E-commerce Sales report, 89.3% of retail sales are still in brick and mortar retail stores. Further, because Southern States does not sell its products online, physical store visits are critical to their revenue.

To attract customers to the stores, in addition to its weekly store circulars featuring its products, Southern States holds special events. Regular events such as pumpkin painting, pet adoption and vaccine clinics, and pollinator education events help draw customers to the stores. Products are also featured online along with a store availability indicator.


Marketing Mojo has worked with Southern States for many years, managing the company’s digital marketing efforts. To help drive more traffic to the stores, Marketing Mojo worked with Southern States to promote store visits in two specific ways: promoting store events and promoting products available in the stores.

For the store events, Marketing Mojo built out Facebook event campaigns for each store, targeting RSVPs to the event as the KPI and success measurement.

Additionally, Marketing Mojo began advertising the store inventory using Google store inventory ads. This new capability allows advertisers to advertise their in-store products, even if they do not sell the inventory online. The ads were targeted to only a 10-mile radius of each store and only ran during store hours.


Year-over-year, Marketing Mojo improved performance on the event campaigns, increasing event RSVPs by 64.01% and reducing the cost per RSVP by 27.19%.

In Google Ads, Marketing Mojo was able to track actual store visits year-over-year. Implementing the local inventory ads on Google generated:

  • 42% increase in store visits
  • 54% increase in clicks to “get directions” in Google Maps
  • 21% increase in click-to-call phone calls to the stores