Case Study:

Marketing Mojo’s SEO Management Helps No Kid Hungry Increase Donations by 48.98% and ROI by 1277%


No Kid Hungry’s mission is to educate Americans and stop food insecurity and hunger in the United States, especially for children. When children aren’t well nourished, they can’t perform as well in school, creating a longer-term issue for kids and their success. No Kid Hungry was also relaunching their website with a redesigned look and much of the content culled from the site.


One of the most important pages on the site is the Hunger Facts page. This page is possibly the most referenced page on the entire No Kid Hungry website, featuring facts about childhood hunger in America. This page is vitally important to the site, as it helps fulfill the mission of No Kid Hungry to educate Americans about hunger in the United States.

Marketing Mojo worked with No Kid Hungry and their development team to ensure a smooth transition in organic search as the site launched– the goal being to maintain rankings and traffic to the site in the process. Additionally, our annual goal was to grow organic search traffic and thus also grow awareness and donations to No Kid Hungry.


Through the relaunch, the Hunger Facts page not only survived but thrived. We were able to increase the following year-over-year:

  • Increase new users from organic by 13.09%
  • Increase new sessions by 8.96%
  • Increase overall sessions by 3.79%
  • Increase donation completions by 39.73%
  • Increase conversion rate by 82.03%

More new visitors to the Hunger Facts page helps fulfill No Kid Hungry’s mission to educate Americans about the realities of food insecurity and hunger for children in the US.