Case Study:

Marketing Mojo Helps Meridian Systems Increase Site Traffic and Improve Conversion Performance

“…you really want to be sure your dollars invested are getting you the results that you want and Marketing Mojo does a good job showing the value of the investment and improving your returns every month.”

-Sue Watkins
Director of Marketing


Meridian Systems, a California-based company that sells Construction Management Software, needed assistance managing their pay-per-click (PPC) advertising account, with the goal of increasing website traffic as well as leads and other conversions.


Meridian signed on with Marketing Mojo, specifically regarding the PPC service offered. Marketing Mojo helped structure their Google AdWords account in a way that was beneficial for improved quality scores and increased ad relevance. Through persistent account management tactics as well as custom landing page creation and testing, overall account performance improved significantly.


Marketing Mojo ultimately helped Meridian increase performance metrics year-over-year, using the fiscal year April through March. Improvements included clicks by 33%, conversions by 51%, Cost-Per-Conversion decreased 23%, and Conversion-Rate increased 13%.