Case Study:

Marketing Mojo Helps ScienceLogic Generate More Conversions with Less Budget Using LinkedIn Advertising

“Not only did we see more conversions on LinkedIn, we paid less for those conversions on a per conversion basis, and, qualitatively, we could see that the leads themselves were more valuable – i.e., better titles, companies in our target segments, less garbage.”

-Julia Lim
Vice President of Marketing, ScienceLogic


ScienceLogic, a provider of technology solutions for data center management and cloud computing management, relaunched its pay-per-click (PPC) advertising efforts in October 2012. They had been relying heavily on keyword-based search ads for about 15 months, primarily directing ad respondents to “contact us”-type conversion actions. Conversion levels weren’t ideal, and the cost per conversion action was extremely high at almost $625 per lead. ScienceLogic’s market niche is extremely competitive with notoriously high costs per click (CPC). A 2012 study of the most expensive Google AdWords keyword terms in advertising revealed that many of ScienceLogic’s keywords – even the most specific terms – had some of the highest CPCs across any industry. Over that 15-month time period, the data from that study held true for ScienceLogic as well, as many CPCs were more than $13 per click, with many minimum first page bids more than $10 per click. As a result, opportunities to reach their target audience were limited because of budget constraints. ScienceLogic needed a better way to target their audience. While keyword PPC advertising was providing exposure for their brand and generating traffic for their website, even the most niche long-tail keywords were not targeted enough to allow them to reach their specific buyer personas.


Marketing Mojo shifted ScienceLogic’s strategy to minimize keyword search advertising in favor of LinkedIn advertising to better focus their online marketing to its target demographics. They identified ScienceLogic’s key buyer personas and, using LinkedIn’s comprehensive B2B targeting capabilities, created campaigns focused on those personas. Marketing Mojo also created custom landing pages focusing on sign-ups for digital assets like whitepapers, surveys and webinars. Marketing Mojo also introduced remarketing and contextual display advertising campaigns in Adwords to reduce the reliance on keyword-based search advertising, while keeping ScienceLogic top-of-mind to potential prospects. The remarketing campaigns specifically targeted those who had previously visited ScienceLogic’s website, but did not convert, while the contextual advertising targeted ads based on search interests (rather than specific keywords) and age and gender demographics.


LinkedIn advertising proved to be a very effective tactic for online B2B lead generation, allowing ScienceLogic to reach their exact customer demographics at a lower cost per lead. This, paired with more demographically targeted, rather than keyword-heavy, PPC display advertising was extremely effective in driving the right leads for ScienceLogic. Additionally, the utilization of digital content assets like white papers, webinars and surveys was a much more effective method in getting online leads than focusing on “Contact Us” form completions.

The results:

  • Revenue increased 281%.
  • Pipeline increased 1178%.
  • In six weeks, LinkedIn Ads surpassed the lead volume that the previous 15 months of Google AdWords PPC had produced.
  • In four months, LinkedIn Ads delivered 217% more leads than what the previous 15 months of Google AdWords PPC produced — for 82% less budget.
  • The cost per lead during the four months of LinkedIn Ads was 94% lower than Google AdWords.
  • Conversion rate was more than 1,500% better than Google AdWords PPC.
  • The emphasis on contextual display advertising, rather than keyword advertising, immediately resulted in getting many more clicks. The costs per click were 83% lower than the previous period, and they received 226% more clicks per month even with a 44% reduced media spend.