Case Study:

Marketing Mojo Helps Share Our Strength See 73% More Paid Search Traffic with Grantspro Status

“Marketing Mojo really brings such a professionalism to what they’re doing, but they’re also so knowledgeable about the search space. Their core expertise is in search, and they were living and breathing it and always bringing us new ideas for how we could improve our campaign’s performance.”

-Clay Dunn
Online Community Manager, Share Our Strength


Share Our Strength, a D.C. nonprofit fighting to end child hunger in America, was already working with the $10,000 grant from Google for pay-per-click advertising, but needed extra resources to achieve the next level of funding through Google Grantspro.


Marketing Mojo worked with Share Our Strength through the PPC Package to expand their account and increase spend each month in order to reach the requirements necessary to apply for the Google Grantspro status, increasing their funding for pay-per-click advertising.


Share Our Strength was ultimately able to apply for and achieve Grantspro status, increasing their monthly funding for Google AdWords from $10,000 to $40,000. The increased funds drove 73% more paid search traffic (when compared to the average monthly visits from the 8 months preceding the increased funds) to their site giving them the ability to have more visibility around their No Kid Hungry program, helping them in their efforts to increase donations as well as No Kid Hungry pledges.