How Video Increased Organic Traffic for Petrochem by Over 300%


tuvPetrochem International, a market-leading chemical distribution company (now known as TÜV SÜD America), engaged Marketing Mojo’s search engine optimization services to optimize their website and drive more traffic from organic search to their testing services pages. These pages essentially had no top ten rankings for Petrochem’s selected keywords.


Research has shown that video is 50 times more likely to be ranked highly in organic search results than plain text (according to Forrester Research), and also has a 41% higher click-through rate (according to aimClear). Petrochem already had relevant videos for their testing services, so this created an incredible opportunity to optimize those pages and increase traffic from organic search.

Marketing Mojo moved videos from the company’s video gallery to the appropriate service pages, and then marked up those videos with video schema markup code. We also created an XML Video Site Map which, in combination with the video schema markup, allowed Google to create video thumbnails to associate with Petrochem’s search results for the marked up service pages.


In just 30 days, organic search traffic to the testing services pages increased 335% and half of the indexed videos had top 10 rankings for their respective keywords. In 80 days, traffic had increased an incredible 889%, and 90% of those videos appeared in the top 10 search results.




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