The 2019 Digital Marketing Checklist

With the plethora of digital marketing tools and tactics available today, it’s increasingly difficult to know where to focus your time and resources. We created the 2019 Digital Marketing Checklist to provide specific recommendations on this year’s major trends and opportunities you should be addressing – from mobile […]

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The 2019 Digital Marketing Checklist

Adjusting Your Digital Marketing Strategies for 2019

Some of the biggest changes to SEO and digital advertising stem from changing consumer behavior. Rising mobile access, for example, has prompted moves like Google Mobile-First Indexing which affects the priorities for SEO in 2019.

This year’s Digital Marketing Checklist provides an overview of the most important activities that marketing teams should be focusing on for success in 2019 as well as specific recommendations on major trends and opportunities you should be addressing – from mobile to analytics to attribution.

What is covered in our 2019 Digital Marketing Checklist:

  • Setting Up Analytics
  • Internal Linking
  • Optimizing for Mobile and Smartphones
  • Layering Ad Targeting
  • Marketing ROI Measurement
  • And more

The 2019 Digital Marketing Checklist is designed to give you specific recommendations based on our years of proven experience and success with clients across a variety of industries. They include some of our best practices, targeted to the opportunities and challenges we face as marketers right now.

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