Google Analytics Audit Services

Having correct tracking and analytics is crucial to understanding your marketing impact.


As a marketer, you rely on your web analytics to keep you informed about not just your website traffic but also how all of your marketing activities are performing.

Know your analytics tracking is correct — Marketing Mojo’s Google Analytics Audit Services are a comprehensive web analytics analysis performed by experts

Don’t base your marketing decisions from what may be faulty data. Marketing Mojo offers two types of analtyics audits — one for non-ecommerce websites and one for ecommerce websites.


*included in the “Ecommerce” analytics audit only

“Non-Ecommerce” and “Ecommerce” Google Analytics Audit Services At-a-Glance

Non-Ecommerce Audit: designed to provide actionable fixes for websites that do not have an ecommerce component to the site. This audit focuses on all of the tracking and reports for analytics as well as setup and measurement of goals in web analytics.
Ecommerce Audit: designed to provide actionable fixes for websites that incorporate ecommerce on the site. This audit focuses on all of the tracking and reports for analytics as well as ecommerce tracking via analytics, tracking items such as transactions and transaction value.

Ecommerce Audit
Pricing $2,000 $3,000
Timeframe 2 weeks 3 weeks
Kickoff Call: Information Gathering X X
Account and Property Structure X X
Goal Review X X
Integration with Google AdWords Review X X
Integration with Google Search Console Review X X
Code Placement Review X X
Exclusion List Review X X
Site Search Review (if applicable) X X
Review of Tagging X X
Ecommerce Audit
Review Ecommerce Code Implementation and Tracking Accuracy X
Diagnostic Report X X
Quick Fix Sheet X X
Prioritized Action Plan X X
Results Presentation X X
One-on-One Consultation 2 hours 2 hours

Deliverables in Detail

  • Diagnostic Report – step-by-step identification of problems fixes needed to ensure proper tracking.
  • Quick Fix Sheet – the short list of recommendations that maximize your return while minimizing effort.
  • Prioritized Action Plan – detailed recommendations to improve your your analytics tracking and correct the most impactful errors fastest.
  • Consulting Hours – customized for your specific needs–from completing specific analytics fixes as outlined in your Action Plan to support and training for your own resources as they follow recommendations.

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