New Website SEO Audit

Don’t lose Google search traffic when you launch a new website

It’s time to launch your new website. Before you pull the trigger, have you done everything needed to make sure you don’t lose any of the organic search traffic you’ve worked so hard to build?

Unless you have a resource in-house or a trusted digital marketing partner who bridges the gap of SEO and website development and has experience with this very situation, the answer is mostly likely “no”. This requires a very specific skill set and an ever-expanding knowledge base of the mostly likely pitfalls and solutions that you should work on before launch to avoid, and/or after launch to quickly rectify as necessary.

Congratulations, you’ve just launched your new website. But why is Google Analytics showing a big drop in organic search volume- unfortunately coinciding with the launch? You need answers and solutions immediately.


Actual Marketing Mojo Customer Experience:

Roland DGA, a large format printer manufacturer, relaunched their website on a new content management system (CMS). They came to Marketing Mojo after seeing a sudden loss of nearly 20% of the Google organic search traffic after relaunch. Instead of the first page rankings they had achieved for many of their non-branded keywords, they saw immediate ranking drops after the website launch. Marketing Mojo analyzed the problem. In this case the culprit was slower page load speeds that thereby affected their search rankings for highly competitive keywords. Implementing strategies that improved page load speed along with additional, new SEO efforts helped regain and even grow Roland DGA’s organic rankings and traffic.

Before you launch a new website and after – Marketing Mojo’s New Webisite SEO Audit provides the steps and guidance you need to protect and boost your Google rankings.

  • Before launch:
    • Review Analytics
    • Identify potential technical issues on the site that could hinder SEO
    • Identify potential content issues on the site that may be hindering SEO
    • Identify other issues that may impact SEO
    • Benchmark pre-launch rankings and traffic
    • Prioritize recommendations for SEO based on findings
    • Deliverables:
      • Comprehensive final report
      • Presentation
  • Immediately after launch:
    • Monitor rankings and organic traffic against benchmarks – Daily
    • Alert web design team if there are drops and why so that it can be rectified immediately

“Mini” and “Full” New Website SEO Audits – At-a-Glance

Mini SEO Audit Full SEO Audit
Pricing $2,000 Starting at $5,000
(for up to 100 site pages or as part of SEO service)
Timeframe 1 week 4 weeks
Kickoff Call: Information Gathering X X
URL Structure X X
Keywords Review Site-Level Page-Level
Competitive Analysis Up to 3 competitors, 10 keywords Up to 5 competitors, 25 keywords
Local Business Review of how local results appear Review and Recommendations for multi-location registration
Brand Appearance X X
Page Titles and Meta Description Tags Review Site-Level Page-Level
Page Speed Analysis Site-Level Page-Level
XML Sitemap Reviews X X
Indexing Review Site-Level Page-Level
JavaScript and Flash X X
Mobile-Friendliness Review Site-Level Page-Level
Schema and Structured Markup Recommendations Site-Level Page-Level
Video Optimization Recommendations Site-Level Page-Level
Blog Optimization Recommendations Site-Level Page-Level
Duplicate Content X X
International Content X
Social Media Review X X
Affiliate Linking Review X
Internal Linking Review X
External Linking Review X X
Google Analytics Basic Detailed
Conversions (Goal Tracking Review) X
Organic Conversion Review X
Diagnostic Report X X
Quick Fix Sheet X X
Mini Action Plan X
Prioritized Action Plan X
Results Presentation X
One-on-One Consultation 2 hours 4 hours

Deliverables in Detail

  • Diagnostic Report – step-by-step identification of problems and opportunities in each of the five areas of the SEO audit.
  • Quick Fix Sheet – the short list of recommendations that maximize your return while minimizing effort.
  • Mini Action Plan – detailed recommendations to improve your search rankings and drive more traffic to your website.
  • Consulting Hours – customized for your specific needs–from completing specific SEO tasks as outlined in your Action Plan to support and training for your own resources as they follow recommendations.

Still can’t decide where to start with our New Website SEO Audit Services? Contact us with any questions.

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