Google Ads Management Services

Certified Google Ads partner delivering client campaigns that outperform the industry average

Marketing Mojo provides full-service Google Ads management that consistently outperforms the industry average. We are a certified Google Partner, and each of our account managers is certified in several Google Ad specializations.
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Google Ads Search Network CTR:     Industry Average 3.17%       Marketing Mojo 5.47%

Google Ads make up 44% of all digital ads worldwide. Since its creation, the Google Ads platform has grown extensively, and new opportunities arise for new ad types and targeting every year. Google Ads are ubiquitous – over 1.5 million businesses in the US use Google Ads.
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Google Ads Conversion Rate:      Industry Average 3.75%          Marketing Mojo 15.35%

As a Data-First Marketing agency, we strategically align with your business goals. We work with you to fully understand your company’s goals and how Google advertising can play a role in achieving them. Ultimately, we focus on outcomes — maximizing conversion volume or return on investment while minimizing conversion cost. Whether you want to kick-off your first Google advertising campaigns, optimize your current Google ads for better results, or want to integrate your Google campaigns with advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn or more, Marketing Mojo can help. Pricing starts at $5000/month, 3-month minimum.