LinkedIn Advertising Management Services

Deep cross-industry expertise in LinkedIn Ads strategy and management for campaigns that outperform the industry

Marketing Mojo has been managing LinkedIn Advertising Services for clients, with outstanding results, since the early days of the ad platform.
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Average conversion rate for LinkedIn Ads across all industries is 6.11%.     Marketing Mojo’s is 8.72%.

Marketing Mojo’s use of LinkedIn Ads was born out of search advertising’s inability to effectively convert qualified leads for enterprise-level products. The use of buyer personas and persona-focused content marketing proved to be exponentially more effective at improving the quality of ad-driven leads and volume of leads. This realization was so important to us that it was one of the main reasons we changed our name from Search Mojo to Marketing Mojo. Seventy-one percent of B2B marketers say LinkedIn is part of their advertising strategy, and it’s no wonder why. Two new users create a profile on LinkedIn every second and boasts over 500 million professional members. What makes LinkedIn so powerful for B2B is its targeting based on professional demographics. LinkedIn allows advertisers to target LinkedIn users based on the same professional demographics they add on their profile pages, as well as their memberships in LinkedIn groups or forums. In addition to being certified experts in paid search advertising, our account management teams are trained extensively in LinkedIn Ads and other social media advertising platforms, including Facebook Ads. Comprehensive knowledge of these ad platforms allows us to optimize our clients’ online media budgets to perform at maximum efficiency. Moreover, using a single team that is highly trained in all online ad disciplines allows us to quickly adjust strategy across multiple ad platforms to optimize performance. Pricing starts at $5000/month, 3-month minimum.