Data-First Marketing Audit

Comprehensive audit of organization’s current state of Data-First Marketing readiness and capabilities producing detailed action plan

Marketing Mojo’s Data-First Marketing Audit assesses the people, process and technology components that comprise and support your marketing team’s data strategy. Do the goals the marketing team has set for itself match the expectations and goals of the whole business? How does the marketing team show the value it brings to the business? How is the marketing team measuring its own success and effectiveness and, more importantly, how are these improving over time? The audit provides a comprehensive assessment of how your marketing team is progressing along the path to Data-First Marketing transformation.

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Data-First Marketing: A new marketing strategy that focuses on intelligently utilizing the vast amount of marketing data available from the rapid growth and adoption of marketing technology in order to create true competitive advantage in any industry

The customer data available to marketers today is extensive. From CRMs like Salesforce, from marketing automation platforms like Marketo and Hubspot, from social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, and from the accumulation of developing marketing technologies – data is everywhere, yet typically only the largest companies actively invest in marketing analytics. Competency in digital marketing analytics is a requirement to compete for buyers’ very short attention spans. But many companies have yet to adopt this priority, meaning that the first companies to master it have the opportunity to create competitive advantage.

In the past few years, companies have increasingly been focusing on data-driven marketing, but at Marketing Mojo, we believe that’s not going far enough. Putting data first in our marketing efforts is about more than just being data-driven. It’s also about ensuring that the marketing team is measuring the right datapoints that matter to the business. Ad impressions aren’t very telling about how digital ads impact revenue, and ultimately, your CEO wants to know how marketing’s efforts are impacting the company’s financial success.

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78% of CEOs feel that CMOs have lost sight of the real job of marketing – to generate demand and leads for products and services in a “business-measurable way”. – 2012, The Fournaise Group

The Data-First Marketing Audit provides a customized blueprint for companies to begin leveraging the data they already own to increase marketing effectiveness to generate more qualified leads and positively impact pipeline and revenue.

Understanding the business, its goals and how marketing is currently measuring against those goals is critical to closing the gap between the business’ stakeholders and the marketing team.