Google Analytics Audit

Comprehensive audit of Google Analytics setup to ensure data tracking is aligned with marketing/business goals and shows ROI where applicable

According to W3Techs, 85.6% of websites using an analytics tool use Google Analytics. That equates to nearly 56.8% of all websites worldwide. Chances are that your organization is using Google Analytics too. If implemented properly, Google Analytics provides great insight into whether your marketing efforts are helping the organization to attain its goals. It’s such a critical tool in the marketing stack that Marketing Mojo evaluates and fixes Google Analytics errors before we even begin our search engine optimization and digital advertising management services to ensure proper data tracking from the beginning of our work. To truly utilize Google Analytics effectively requires ensuring that it is:
  • Set up to correctly track across the entire website
  • Accurately tracks and reports data
  • Records business key performance indicators (KPIs) as goals
Marketing Mojo’s Google Analytics audit reviews these three main areas to ensure that the data you collect from the tool is accurate and meaningful when evaluating your business’ goals.