Google Mobile-First Index SEO Audit

Expected to roll out fully during 2018, the Google Mobile-First Index may dramatically shift rankings for some websites that either have sites that are not currently mobile-friendly or do not contain the same information on mobile versions as the desktop version of the site. Learn more by viewing our on-demand webinar, SEO in 2018: Are You Ready for Google Mobile-First Indexing?

In November 2016 Google announced a planned major shift in how it indexes websites. Applying its new Mobile-First Index approach, Google will begin indexing mobile versions of websites before it indexes the desktop version. This means that the mobile version of the site will be the version used for comparing ranking factors and ultimately ranking a website, even for desktop searches.

Know Your Site is Ready. Perform a Mobile-First Index SEO Audit

The Marketing Mojo Google Mobile-First Index SEO Audit is designed for website owners that feel confident with their overall SEO but are less confident about how to optimize the site for mobile indexing and ranking. This specific audit is appropriate for sites that may already rank well in Google desktop search but need assurance that the site is ready for the mobile-first index shift.

This audit focuses SOLELY on SEO factors specific to mobile indexing. For those that require a more comprehensive SEO audit beyond just mobile factors, the Full SEO Audit reviews all aspects of SEO on the site, including mobile-first factors.

Deliverables in Detail

Diagnostic Report – step-by-step identification of problems that need to be addressed in regards to mobile-first indexing.

Consulting Hours – customized for your specific needs–from completing specific SEO tasks as outlined in your diagnostic report to support and training for your own resources as they follow recommendations.

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