Pay-Per-Click Advertising Services

What Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC), at its core, means that an online advertiser will only incur a cost when their ad is clicked. Unlike traditional media buys, PPC advertisers do not pay to receive a set amount of ad impressions or reach a specific level of “share of voice.”

PPC advertising can be utilized on many different ad platforms, such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Twitter Ads. The PPC approach is relevant for both search ads on search results pages and display ads seen on Facebook or Google Display Network sites.

Search advertising on Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Yahoo has been the most popular form of PPC, while many display advertisers still cling to the same ad models they have previously used with TV and radio media buys by paying per ad impression.

PPC advertising has its challenges:

  • Increasing competition and costs per click
  • Managing hundreds (or even thousands) of different keywords
  • A changing digital landscape with the rise of mobile phone usage and decline of desktop usage
  • The rise of ad-blocking technology

What Sets Marketing Mojo’s PPC Approach Apart?

Marketing Mojo’s pay-per-click advertising services allow advertisers the ability to simultaneously utilize all of the PPC advertising platforms that best fit their marketing goals – all for one management fee.

We will find the optimal PPC online media mix to maximize the advertiser’s goals. Whatever your business model — we will optimize your online media budget to perform at its fullest potential across the PPC advertising channels that are most effective at delivering the advertiser’s desired results.

Marketing Mojo provides a single team, highly trained in all PPC ad channels and tactics (search, display and social ads). This agile, single-team approach gives us the freedom and flexibility to quickly change strategy and ad platforms as needed to generate the most leads or sales. Most other agencies are too departmentalized, skill-specialized or bureaucratic to effectively make the changes across ad platforms that are needed to optimize performance.

All Marketing Mojo account teams have the skills and experience needed to simultaneously utilize all of the PPC advertising options below for one media-spend-based management fee:

What We Provide for PPC Advertising Clients

  • Strategic Alignment and Goal Development
    • We work with you to ensure we fully understand your marketing goals and how PPC advertising can play a role in achieving them
  • Reaching Your Target Audience
    • Development of buyer personas to help eliminate wasteful, untargeted PPC spending, allowing for more targeted messaging on the platforms that are best suited to your potential customers and their specific needs
    • PPC campaign creation and budget allocation across ad platforms based on performance metrics using the most effective mix of PPC tactics
  • Conversion Focused
    • We are more direct-response focused than engagement focused. We maximize conversion volume (or return on investment) while minimizing conversion cost
  • Daily Optimization
    • PPC ad management is not a “set-it-and-forget-it” form of advertising. We do regular monitoring and managing of campaigns to make adjustments as needed:
      • Budget allocation
      • Bid management
      • Ad copy testing
      • Targeting optimization
  • Test, Test & Test
    • When data guides marketing strategy, it is necessary to know how changes can impact performance. We develop and test landing page variations and ad creatives to leverage the creative elements that deliver the best results
  • Reporting
    • Detailed monthly PPC reports that show historical progress on all ad campaign metrics as well as the current action items being implemented to improve performance
    • Analytics expertise to ensure your traffic and conversion volumes are accurate. Every account manager is Google Analytics Certified and trained to get performance tracking correct
  • Innovative Thought Leadership in PPC
    • Marketing Mojo does more than monitor the latest changes and new opportunities available for all PPC-compatible platforms — we are at the forefront of demographic targeting application for PPC and cross-channel remarketing tactics. These tactics allow us to create the perfect target audience on social channels and then utilize remarketing ads to those audiences on other PPC ad channels
    • We are developing never-before-used tactics that are transforming our clients’ businesses
    • We are frequent speakers on these cutting-edge tactics at leading online-marketing trade shows (SMX, PubCon, MarketingProfs B2B Forum, etc.)
  • Certification
    • All accounts staff is Google AdWords Certified, Bing Ads Certified and Google Analytics Certified




Proven Results & Expertise


“…you really want to be sure your dollars invested are getting you the results that you want and Marketing Mojo does a good job showing the value of the investment”

Sue Watkins of Meridian SystemsSue Watkins
Director of Marketing, Meridian Systems

“Not only did we see more conversions on LinkedIn, we paid less on a per conversion basis, and, qualitatively, we could see that the leads themselves were more valuable – i.e., better titles, companies in our target segments, less garbage.”

Julia Lim of ScienceLogicJulia Lim
Vice President of Marketing, ScienceLogic

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