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What Is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Ads gives advertisers the ability to show highly targeted ads to Facebook’s 2.27 billion* monthly active users worldwide. Facebook is the second-most-visited site on the web** and, in the U.S., is the most-widely used app with 126 million average unique users***. Facebook is no longer a platform that can be overlooked by advertisers. At Marketing Mojo, clients in a wide range of industries, both business-to-business and business-to-consumer, have found marketing success with our Facebook ad management services.

The amount of information users on Facebook voluntarily give to Facebook has created one of the world’s biggest personal-data repositories, and in turn, Facebook has provided most of that information to marketers for demographic ad targeting on its platform. A sampling of the targeting options available through Facebook advertising includes the following:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Education Level
  • Income
  • Life Events (such as anniversary within 30 days)
  • Parental Status
  • Political Leaning
  • User Interests (such as hobbies, relationships, etc.)
  • Purchase Behavior or Intent
  • Device Usage
  • Employer
  • Job Industry
  • Job Title

Facebook is able to supply advertisers with these diverse targeting options through first-party data that Facebook users disclose, along with their activity on Facebook.

Another important facet of Facebook advertising is called Custom Audiences. Custom Audiences allow advertisers to create custom groups of Facebook users to market to, utilizing:

  • Customer Lists
    • Match emails, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs or mobile advertiser IDs to people on Facebook
  • Website Traffic (Remarketing)
    • Create a list of people who visit your website or view specific web pages
  • App Activity
    • Create a list of people who have taken a specific action in your app or game

Facebook Custom Audiences are a powerful way to reach individuals who already have an interest in your products or services, but they are also a very cost-effective advertising approach. Historically, Marketing Mojo has found cost-per-click for Custom Audiences to be very competitive relative to standard Facebook targeting leading to lower conversion costs and higher returns on investment (ROIs).

Marketing Mojo’s Facebook Ad Management Focuses on Results

While other social media advertising agencies might focus solely on engagement, such as how many Likes an ad or page receives, Marketing Mojo is driven by results that impact a company’s bottom line. We work with each client individually to determine their unique goals. We then leverage Facebook’s advanced targeting capabilities to reach customers and prospects for effective lead generation. As part of our Facebook advertising management process, Marketing Mojo works on:

  • Strategic Alignment & Goal Development
    • Working with clients to understand their marketing goals and how Facebook advertising can play a role in achieving them
  • Reaching Your Target Audience
    • Development of buyer personas to help eliminate wasteful, untargeted Facebook spending to allow for more targeted messaging to the right audience
  • Prioritizing Conversions
    • Maximizing conversion volume (or ROI) while minimizing conversion cost
  • Daily Optimization
    • Regular monitoring and managing of campaigns to make adjustments when needed, including:
      • Budget allocation
      • Bid management
      • Ad copy testing
      • Targeting optimization
  • Testing, Testing & Testing
    • Using data to guide marketing strategy by knowing how changes can impact performance
    • Development and testing of landing page variations and ad creatives to leverage the creative elements that deliver the best results
  • Reporting
    • Detailed monthly reports that show historical progress on all ad campaign metrics as well as the current action items being implemented to improve performance
    • Analytics expertise to ensure your traffic and conversion volumes are accurate
  • Innovative Thought Leadership in PPC
    • Staying abreast of the latest changes and new opportunities available on Facebook advertising — we are at the forefront of developing never-before-used tactics that are transforming our clients’ marketing results
    • Speaking about cutting-edge tactics at SMX, PubCon, MarketingProfs B2B Forum and other leading online marketing industry trade shows

Proven Results & Expertise


“It’s been great (working with Marketing Mojo). We are hitting all the things we need to hit with goals, and… the team is so easy to work with and very, very flexible.”

Diana Hand of GuideStarDiana Hand
Marketing Manager, GuideStar

“…you really want to be sure your dollars invested are getting you the results that you want and Marketing Mojo does a good job showing the value of the investment”

Sue Watkins of Meridian SystemsSue Watkins
Director of Marketing, Meridian Systems


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*as of third quarter of 2018, statistica.com/statistics/264810/number-of-monthly-active-facebook-users-worldwide

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