LinkedIn Advertising Management Services

What Is LinkedIn Advertising?

LinkedIn advertising is a social media ad platform that leverages the data of LinkedIn user profiles as demographic ad targeting capabilities. LinkedIn Ads is most effective for B2B marketers as a lead generation tool. LinkedIn ads most effective for lead generation when used in combination with content marketing campaigns that promote white papers, eBooks or webinars.

LinkedIn advertising allows advertisers to target LinkedIn users based on the same elements that users add to position themselves as industry professionals on their profile pages, as well as any memberships that they may have in LinkedIn groups or forums. Targeting options include the following:

  • Location
  • Industry
  • Job Function
  • Job Skills
  • Job Title
  • Seniority Level
  • Company Size
  • Schools Attended
  • Educational Degree Level
  • Fields of Study
  • Age
  • Gender
  • LinkedIn Group Membership
  • Years of Experience

The most successful LinkedIn advertising campaigns combine these niche targeting options with an appealing content marketing asset and ad message.

Marketing Mojo’s Industry Leadership & Innovation in LinkedIn Advertising

Marketing Mojo’s use of LinkedIn Ads was born out of search advertising’s inability to effectively convert qualified leads for enterprise-level products. The use of buyer personas and persona-focused content marketing proved to be exponentially more effective at improving the quality of ad-driven leads and volume of leads. This realization was so important to us that it was one of the main reasons we changed our name from Search Mojo to Marketing Mojo.

In addition to being certified experts in paid search advertising, our account management teams are trained extensively in LinkedIn Ads and other social media advertising platforms, including Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads. Extensive knowledge of these ad platforms allows us to optimize our clients’ online media budgets to perform at maximum efficiency, and providing a single team that is highly trained in all online ad disciplines allows us to quickly adjust strategy and ad platforms to optimize performance.

Our collective experience has enabled us to learn which content marketing assets are ideal for the LinkedIn platform. We firmly believe that LinkedIn advertising campaigns custom-made for carefully compiled buyer personas, combined with valuable content marketing assets, are the perfect marketing bait needed to reel in qualified leads that can be nurtured down a specific purchase path.

We Can Transform Your LinkedIn Advertising

A recent highlight of one of our LinkedIn Ads Benchmark Reports included before and after conversion metrics for one client that significantly reallocated online marketing budgets from search advertising to LinkedIn Ads content marketing campaigns. In 2015, this client increased its LinkedIn Ads spend by 308% and significantly reduced Google AdWords spend. The company’s year-over-year results were:

  • A 170% increase in conversion volume
  • A 124% increase in conversion rate
  • A 46% decrease in cost per conversion

These kind of numbers are not isolated to one client and are a common transformation that we see for all of our clients.

Marketing Mojo’s LinkedIn advertising management services are part of our online advertising package, which also includes paid search advertising, retargeting, social media advertising and display advertising services. We frequently use these other ad channels to keep nurturing leads and ad clickers from LinkedIn to continue guiding them down the sales path.

The first step Marketing Mojo takes when developing a LinkedIn Ads strategy for a new client is creating detailed buyer personas for each offer to ensure we are reaching our client’s ideal audiences. We then create campaigns based on those personas and customized ad copy and landing pages to make sure the ads messaging is relevant to the persona being targeted.

Marketing Mojo’s LinkedIn campaign management includes:

  • Strategic Alignment & Goal Development
    • Work with the client to determine success metrics
    • Determine how LinkedIn advertising can help reach client goals
  • Initial Setup
    • Goal tracking and Google Analytics audit or setup
  • Research & Targeting Creation
  • Creative
  • Constant Optimization & Management
  • Regular Reporting & Client Communication

We also offer digital content marketing services, which are designed to provide our clients with a variety of content creation and marketing options that can augment social media advertising strategies.

Proven Results & Expertise


“Not only did we see more conversions on LinkedIn, we paid less on a per conversion basis, and, qualitatively, we could see that the leads themselves were more valuable – i.e., better titles, companies in our target segments, less garbage.”

Julia Lim of ScienceLogicJulia Lim
Vice President of Marketing, ScienceLogic


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