PPC Audit Services

It’s time for an audit of your PPC campaigns.

Are you getting everything you want out of your PPC campaigns? The answer most likely is “No.” When it comes to pay-per-click advertising, your work is never done. While you might have a specific target for ROI, the real key is improving, month after month, year after year, to increase the traffic to your site and maximize conversion revenue.

Marketing Mojo offers an intensive PPC audit service that is customized for your business and your specific paid media account needs – for Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any retargeting you may be using. This is not the cookie-cutter free audit that you can find online. It’s completely personalized with extensive deliverables that outline specific action items that can take your PPC campaigns to the next level. At the end of four weeks of digging into your ad campaign data, we will present you with a full diagnostic report, a quick fix sheet for the changes you can make immediately, and an action plan, prioritized for maximum impact. And on top of that, we include four hours of consulting time to be used any way you want – for us to follow up on specific action plan items you want done, for training your staff, and more.


5 Areas of Focus – 1 Intensive PPC Audit

Strategic Audit: How do you stack up to the competition? Does your bidding support your overall ad strategy – to be competitive, cost-effective, targeted or optimized for other needs?

Technical Audit: Are you using every ad management feature that you should to get the most out of your ad budget? There are changes to Google AdWordsTM every month, and our clients rely on us to keep on top of them.

Mobile Audit: Are your ads optimized for mobile display and delivery? Customized for device targeting?

Display Audit: Are you taking advantage of retargeting? How effective are your ad placements and targeting?

Analytics Audit: Are you tracking your Paid ads all the way through to conversion? How easily can you report on ROI?

PPC Audit
Pricing $5,000
Timeframe 4 weeks
Kickoff Call: Information Gathering X
Account Structure X
Keywords Review X
Competitive Analysis Up to 3 competitors
Bid Review X
Quality Score Review X
Brand Advertising Review X
Landing Page Review X
Review Calls to Action/Offers X
Ad Copy Review X
Campaign Settings Review
(Geotargeting, ad scheduling, etc.)
Ad Extensions Review X
Review of Device Targeting and Bidding X
Review of Mobile Landing Pages X
Display Ads
Review of Ad Targeting X
Review Display Ad Creative X
Review of Retargeting Groups X
Review of Ad Placements X
Review of Video Targeting X
Google Analytics Detailed
Conversions (Goal Tracking Review) X
Review of Integration of Google AdWords® and Google Analytics® X
Diagnostic Report X
Quick Fix Sheet X
Prioritized Action Plan X
Results Presentation X
One-on-One Consultation 4 hours

Deliverables in detail:

  • Diagnostic Report
  • Quick Fix Sheet
  • Full Action Plan with Prioritization
  • Results Presentations
  • 4 Consulting Hours

Interested in our PPC audit services? Contact us with any questions or to request a call.