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Is Your Website Getting Found in Search Engines?

Recent studies show that 67% of global marketers rank search engine optimization (SEO) as their top channel for ROI.* SEO has long been ranked by marketers as the most effective demand generation and lead generation tactic.

But SEO best practices shift regularly. What may be a successful SEO tactic this week may be considered harmful the next. How can a marketer keep up with the changes?

How Can Marketing Mojo Help You?

We know one of your greatest marketing challenges is staying up to date with all the changes that happen in SEO every day. Marketing Mojo was originally founded as an SEO agency, and our roots remain in SEO today. Our staff stays abreast of current trends and changes and employs only legitimate SEO tactics. Our approach to SEO is holistic, engaging with all types of marketing channels including content and social media.

Our Services

    • SEO Audits – Marketing Mojo offers Mini and Full Audits that deliver a comprehensive and personalized website analysis of where your are in your SEO journey with specific recommendations on how to improve.
    • SEO Engagement – Our clients consider Marketing Mojo a trusted partner on their SEO journey. Starting with a comprehensive audit to assess the state of website rankings, Marketing Mojo works as an extension of the client team to execute keyword targeting, link building, content marketing, and more optimization tactics to achieve the client’s SEO goals.

Our Process:

  • Evaluate your specific SEO needs and goals and develop an effective strategy
  • Develop keyword research aligned with your traffic and lead generation goals, as well as your brand and market segments
  • Provide recommendations for both back-end technical optimization and front-end content optimization
  • Help you improve your website’s mobile-friendliness through comprehensive mobile SEO services
  • Assist with the creation of social media profiles to boost your company’s social channels for brand searches
  • Execute an inbound link building strategy based on current best practices

“Marketing Mojo really brings such a professionalism to what they’re doing, but they’re also so knowledgeable about the search space. Their core expertise is in search, and they were living and breathing it and always bringing us new ideas.”

Clay Dunn of Share Our StrengthClay Dunn
Online Community Manager, Share Our Strength

*Email Marketing Industry Census 2014, Econsultancy/Adestra


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