SEO changes all the time. And Marketing Mojo stays on top of it.

As a marketer today, it’s nearly impossible to absorb and react to all the changes that may affect your organic search rankings without some help. Google changes its algorithms. New SEO tools are constantly popping up that help to test, compare and optimize. More and more people are using mobile devices to do research before they buy. How these things and many more affect search rankings and the best way to capitalize on them are what we focus on day in and day out for our customers.

Much more than a quick tool–Marketing Mojo SEO Audit Services–comprehensive website SEO analysis performed by experts

If you’ve been thinking about doing an SEO audit, you’ve likely seen the free online tools. And so has everyone else! The key to successful SEO is doing it better than everyone else — better than your competitors. You need every advantage you can get. Marketing Mojo provides two SEO Audit Services–Mini and Full–that cover the five core audit areas: strategy, technology, content, linking, and analytics.

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*included in the “full” SEO audit only

Proven Results & Expertise


“Marketing Mojo’s SEO audit provided us with a fresh perspective on our SEO opportunities. They gave us tangible insights into our website that allowed us to develop a checklist to improve our website and optimize our performance. Thanks to Marketing Mojo, SEO has become a more developed element of our marketing plans.”

Diane DiCarlo
Marketing Specialist, Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital

“Mini” and “Full” SEO Audit Services At-a-Glance

Mini SEO Audit: designed to give you a quick, personalized view of what you can do to improve your organic search rankings and, ultimately, drive more qualified traffic to your website. This website SEO analysis focuses on site-level changes that will have maximum impact.

Full SEO Audit: a short-term engagement with Marketing Mojo SEO experts. This website SEO analysis dives down into the individual site pages, performing the most comprehensive diagnostic of where you are in your SEO journey and recommends where to go from there.

Mini SEO Audit Full SEO Audit
Pricing $2,000 Starting at $5,000
(for up to 100 site pages or as part of SEO service)
Timeframe 1 week 4 weeks
Kickoff Call: Information Gathering X X
URL Structure X X
Keywords Review Site-Level Page-Level
Competitive Analysis Up to 3 competitors, 10 keywords Up to 5 competitors, 25 keywords
Local Business Review of how local results appear Review and Recommendations for multi-location registration
Brand Appearance X X
Page Titles and Meta Description Tags Review Site-Level Page-Level
Page Speed Analysis Site-Level Page-Level
XML Sitemap Reviews X X
Indexing Review Site-Level Page-Level
JavaScript and Flash X X
Mobile-Friendliness Review Site-Level Page-Level
Schema and Structured Markup Recommendations Site-Level Page-Level
Video Optimization Recommendations Site-Level Page-Level
Blog Optimization Recommendations Site-Level Page-Level
Duplicate Content X X
International Content X
Social Media Review X X
Affiliate Linking Review X
Internal Linking Review X
External Linking Review X X
Google Analytics Basic Detailed
Conversions (Goal Tracking Review) X
Organic Conversion Review X
Diagnostic Report X X
Quick Fix Sheet X X
Mini Action Plan X
Prioritized Action Plan X
Results Presentation X
One-on-One Consultation 2 hours 4 hours

Deliverables in Detail

Which Audit Is Right for You?

You’ve never had a professional SEO audit and/or haven’t been able to focus on SEO in the past, but now it’s time.

You’ve invested in SEO internally because you know it’s vital to your business success. 

Mini SEO Audit Full SEO Audit
You’re about to launch your website and want to ensure that it’s SEO ready. X X
You’ve seen significant organic traffic drops or ranking drops recently but are unsure why. X
You’ve had SEO audits in the past, but it’s been more than a year since your last audit. X
You’re actively engaged in SEO with an in-house employee or agency, but you want to make sure all of the proper SEO opportunities are being addressed. X

Still can’t decide where to start with our SEO Audit Services? Contact us with any questions.