Google Analytics Behavior Reports Deep-Dive Course


Are you struggling to convert your website visitors? Increasing conversion rates begins with understanding visitor behavior and preferences. Once you’ve learned how to use Google Analytics Behavior Reports to track visitor behavior on your website and interpret the data, you can begin to enhance your user experience and tailor visitor conversion paths.

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Discover How Your Visitors Behave and What They Want from Your Website

This course will teach you how to identify:

  • How visitors absorb your content
  • How visitors move throughout/ flow through your website
  • If visitors are going down the right path
  • How users are interacting with your website content
  • Pages that are taking the longest to load and suggestions for increasing page speed
  • How long users are staying on your website
  • Search terms used in search boxes on your website
  • Where users are clicking on your pages
  • Where you are generating the most revenue on AdSense ads


Instructor: Janet Driscoll Miller

Cost: $45

Lectures: 10

Length: 41 minutes

Level: All Levels

Platform: Udemy

Includes: Lifetime access
30-day money-back guarantee
On-demand availability
Discussion area with instructor

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