Intro to Google Analytics Audience Reports


Are your marketing campaigns missing the mark or is your website experience turning off visitors? To create appealing messaging or a positive user experience (UX), you must understand who you are trying to target online. Begin by focusing on who is already visiting your website and how they are flowing throughout and interacting with your website. Once you identify demographic and behavioral trends of website users, you can adjust your marketing and UX to target them.

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Learn Who Your Website Users Are to Better Segment & Target Your Audience

Google Analytics Audience reports help you understand who is visiting your website and tailor your website experience and marketing campaigns to their needs. Take this course to learn how to use these reports and discover:

  • What active and new users trends say about your website/marketing
  • What marketing efforts are driving the most new users
  • How users flow through your website and where they are dropping off
  • Which visitors are in the market to buy
  • How to group visitors based on acquisition date, demographics, geographics, interests, online behavior, technology/mobile usage, etc.
  • Which browsers, operating systems and mobile devices visitors use to access your website
  • How your website stacks up against comparable websites in your industry

Instructor: Janet Driscoll Miller

Cost: $50

Lectures: 13

Length: 60+ minutes

Level: Beginner

Platform: Udemy

Includes: Lifetime access
30-day money-back guarantee
On-demand availability
Discussion area with instructor

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