Facebook Advertising During COVID-19

Duration: 44:59

For small and local businesses, the COVID-19 outbreak has brought constant changes and forced us to rethink our business models at least temporarily. In this recorded webinar, Janet Driscoll Miller examines why Facebook ads are potentially an effective way to communicate to your business’ loyal customers and to others in your community how they can still support you during this time. She reviews two specific ad types that are helpful for extending your message and shares additional resources available from Facebook.

2 Minute Transcript
Why would you want to run Facebook ads right now? Why would they be beneficial to you as a small local business? First, Facebook, as you probably already know, has a large user base worldwide. However, a very large user base here in the United States, and the ads themselves, allow for geo targeting. This means we can target specifically to the Charlottesville area, as well as other specific demographic targeting. Depending on the type of business you are and what you're trying to achieve, you may find that you want to not only target to Charlottesville, but maybe you need a certain age demographic, or you need only women or only men for a particular reason. There's a lot of great demographics targeting in Facebook that you can pair with geotargeting like Charlottesville, Virginia. There's also, during this time, a huge increase in people using Facebook because they're using it to connect with one another. I’ve been using Facebook to go through messenger to do chats with my parents because I can't see them, and the Facebook live video option within Facebook has seen its usage increased fifty percent since January. Their scrambling at Facebook to keep up with us. There's a lot more people on Facebook right now, which is a great thing, it's a great place to be because we know that's where people are hanging out. I want to answer a couple questions about Facebook before we get started, some FAQ types of questions. Does Facebook offer incentives? I see some folks who are on the line today, there's some local businesses but also some non-profits, and unlike google, Facebook really does not have any monetary incentives.

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