Google Advertising During COVID-19

Duration: 42:10

For all businesses, COVID-19 has disrupted normal business patterns – from supply chains to how customers even purchase. Smart businesses will adapt just as their customers have had to. Case in point: more and more customers are purchasing online, and they need to find your business there. If you haven’t focused on Google digital marketing before or you need to double-down on your Google campaigns, this webinar is for you.

2 Minute Transcript
The first thing I want to emphasize is what the advertising portion of google is versus what we typically talk about with when we talk about SEO. Over the years google has re-designed their search results page, and you'll see here that at the top in that box I made that’s red, that's where all the ads are. They're typically at the top or the bottom of the page, they are no longer over to the right-hand side, and was what we used to call right rail. They used to be on the right-hand side they are not anymore. You can see they blend in easily with the regular, what we call, organic results, which is where that green box begins at the bottom. Organic results are where we usually do SEO to improve organic results for a site. This is where google goes out, reads your website, and decides, “hey this website is authoritative on, or this particular page is authoritative on, a topic,” and so they'll rank you highly for that in search results. Still, in many cases ads appear at the top and often get pushed down, as you can see the organic results. In this case there are four ads at the top of the page, so ads are a good way to get a lot of visibility and get visibility quickly. That's what I want to talk about next, why would you want to run google ads right now versus some other type of marketing and advertising? First and foremost, you know everyone's on digital right now. We've had clients who've come to us recently who were doing direct mail or other forms of advertising, which they're not really able to do right now, depending on if they're a B2B for instance. Many businesses can't mail anything to people in the office right now, however, everyone is online.

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