Digital Marketing Checklist

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Every year brings new opportunities for digital marketers to beat out their competition when it comes to finding and engaging the best potential leads. This on-demand webinar provides highlights from our 2019 Digital Marketing Checklist, showing you key areas of focus that will make your website and digital ads stand out from the crowd. Compiled from our proven experience and success with clients across a variety of industries, the tips and specific recommendations outlined in this webinar are targeted to the opportunities and challenges we face as marketers right now.

2 Minute Transcript
We're going to focus on three main things today, the first one is mobile. Mobile is really important now. If you are not focusing on certain different aspects of mobile, you are going to see challenges certainly in 2019. Internal linking, this is an often-overlooked area. I know a lot of people know that inbound linking is really important for SEO and for other reasons, but what about internal linking? What impact does that have? I think it's an often-overlooked strategy. Then lastly, probably the most important thing on this list, we're going to start off our conversation today with analytics. Measuring the effects of what you're doing is critical to making sure that you understand the impact of your efforts and what's making the most difference. With that let's start with analytics, and the first thing I want to share with you is this percentage, ninety percent. What is ninety percent? Ninety percent represents the level of faith and trust that CEOs have in their CIOs and CFOs. So if they have this level of trust in their CIOs and CFOs, what level of trust do CEOs have in their CMOs, their chief marketing officers? Do you think it's as high as ninety percent? Sadly, it is not. It is only twenty percent. Twenty percent of CEOs report having trust in their CMOs and what their CMOs are doing, it's really disappointing to hear that there's such a big gap there. Why is there a big gap? I want to share with you this really fun cartoon from a guy named Tom Fishburn who creates the marketoonist cartoon, and if you don't follow him you definitely should sign up for his list because he sends a cartoon out every Monday and they're hysterical. You'll find that you understand and relate to this as a marketer.

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