University SEO: Ten Pro Tips for Success

Duration: 40:51

Web searches are second only to college websites when it comes to how students find their next school. How will your university stand out from the competition when it comes SEO in 2019? This on-demand webinar, held for VA colleges and universities, lays out the top opportunities, including:

  • Optimizing your site for Mobile-First Indexing
  • Using internal links judiciously to spread the SEO “juice” from backlinks to the pages that matter
  • Leveraging Rich Answers to out-position other colleges in search engine results
  • And more
2 Minute Transcript
When we talk about SEO, one of the most important things we have to talk about is the basis of SEO, which is indexing. When you want to optimize your site, you want it to rank well, and you want people to see it that's fantastic. However, if a search engine cannot read the information on your site, then it cannot rank that information. Indexing is about the search engines, google and the like, all coming and reading your site. This is a great set of infographic pieces that google had created a few years back called how google works, and it really is true for many of the different search engines. Search engines, including google, navigate the web through what they call crawling. They follow links from one site to another, from one page to another, so they can find information. When they go to each of these pages, they read the information and then they store it. I like to think of this thing they call the index as like a big library, I always like to think of the harry potter library, like this amazing large library with lots of books in it. What google essentially is doing when it reads one of these pages is it takes all the information and stores it into a library of information. Again, you can't have your site indexed and ranked with google unless it's already been read, it has to appear in the library first. This is the foundation of indexing; you can't do anything else with SEO until you address indexing issues. That being said, there's been a big change with how google specifically is indexing websites, how it's reading websites and storing that information. That shift is called mobile first indexing. Why do we care so much about mobile in the university and college setting?

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