Analytics and Reporting

Because we’re a Data-First Marketing agency, data and marketing analytics are central to all that we do. From budgetary decisions to campaign targeting to landing page optimizations, data drives every decision we make at Marketing Mojo.

Accurate Digital Marketing Analytics

To ensure we deliver accurate data from the start of our engagement, Marketing Mojo performs a digital marketing analytics audit at the start of all of our management engagements. Is Google Analytics set up to track your KPIs as goals? Are your digital ad campaigns tagged properly for Google Analytics attribution? We examine these questions and more to ensure that we have proper tracking to analyze performance and make informed decisions as we manage your digital marketing.

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At Marketing Mojo, every account manager is Google Analytics Certified.

Comprehensive Reporting

After searching the market for reporting tools that accurately and thoroughly provided the right datapoints for key measurements for SEO and digital advertising, we didn’t find a single tool that fit our needs, so we built one ourselves. In 2006, the Marketing Mojo custom reporting system was born, and with constant improvements, we still use it today for our monthly performance meetings with clients. Specially built to show the metrics that matter most for digital marketing, our reporting system goes far beyond what’s available from generalized out-of-the-box reporting tools so that we always have the data we need to pivot as necessary as we continually optimize client campaigns. 

Further, it allows us to be incredibly comprehensive in our client reporting while also being efficient. Having our own reporting system enables Marketing Mojo account managers to spend the majority of their time focusing on data analysis rather than focusing on formatting tables of data.