Landing Page Optimization & CRO

When companies invest in digital marketing, the end goal isn’t just higher organic search rankings or clicks on ads. The real goal of digital marketing is achieving ROI for your organization. Sadly, Econsultancy found that for every $92 spent acquiring a customer, only $1 was spent to convert them. That’s why, from our very inception back in 2005, Marketing Mojo chose to focus on tangible, business-focused outcomes for our clients. For us, as for you, it’s about helping our organization win.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate optimization focuses on improving conversions but focuses on the website pages themselves.

When companies undertake SEO, their initial goal may be to achieve higher organic search ranking, but the end goal always is to achieve increased organic search traffic that converts to more qualified leads or sales on the website. So when we focus on SEO services at Marketing Mojo, higher rankings are just one set of measurements for client success; what happens to these visitors after driving them to the website is equally important to track. Unlike most SEO agencies, we include ongoing conversion rate optimization as part of our SEO management services to continually increase conversions from organic search visitors so that they become qualified leads and customers, making the most of our clients’ SEO investment.

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Testing a larger phone number on Edgewood Health Network’s website yielded 50% more click-to-call inquiries and improved conversion rate by 51.34%.

Landing Page Optimization (LPO)

The landing page a website visitor “lands” on after clicking a digital ad plays a pivotal role in converting a visitor to a lead or sale. Often, however, advertisers overlook just how important landing pages are in the conversion process. Unlike many digital advertising agencies, Marketing Mojo includes landing page optimization in our digital advertising management to continually improve digital advertising conversion performance.

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Optimizing a landing page for Southern States produced 22% more leads, increased conversion rate by 22% and reduced cost per lead by 18%.