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Exceeding Annual Ecommerce Revenue Goal by 113% 

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The Goal
Increase Ecommerce Sales

Ormco has been collaborating with orthodontists for over 60 years to provide solutions for every orthodontic need and help grow their practice. The company's main goal in digital advertising was to generate revenue at a positive ROI despite a small annual budget.

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Keyword Research

Maximizing Performance

Reviewing Keyword ROI

Marketing Mojo evaluated the performance of existing Ormco search ad campaigns to analyze what could be improved. Because there was a limited budget, we started with a review of keyword performance and paused words with poor performance, allowing more of the budget to be used for keywords that generated the most revenue.

Analyzing Data

Buyers Didn't Use Mobile

Marketing Mojo analyzed historical data and found trends that informed our bid management. Trends showed that dental office managers tended to make purchases during the week during office hours and primarily on desktop devices. We adjusted device bids and off-hour bids to maximize ad visibility to the buying audience. 

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Developing New Campaigns

Generating Positive ROI

To continue to focus on the goal of increasing ecommerce revenue and ROI,  Marketing Mojo developed and managed new Search and Shopping campaigns. Although Ormco didn't have an existing product feed we could use, Marketing Mojo was able to create a static product feed by scraping the store website and used this feed for Ormco's first-ever Google Shopping ads. 

The Result

Exceeding Annual Revenue Goal by 113%

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1,427% average ROI 


34.9% increase in ROAS

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75% reduction in cost per transaction

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64% increase in
conversion rate

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55% increase
in CTR

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67% decrease in cost per click (CPC)

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