Digital Advertising Services

Marketing Mojo works with each client to craft a digital advertising strategy customized for the business, the competition it faces, and the specific goals set for digital marketing campaigns. We have proven success in multi-platform digital advertising management, including:

Digital advertising spend in the US will soon surpass traditional advertising spend, and it’s no wonder why. The highly-trackable nature of digital advertising makes it incredibly measurable for marketers. Is your digital advertising meeting your business goals? Are you recognizing ROI from your digital ad efforts? Many advertisers do not know the answers to these questions, others do know the answers but frequently are not satisfied with their results.

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We’ve managed over $54 million in digital ads across Google and social media ad platforms.

We’ve helped clients hit over 56 million clicks on Google, LinkedIn and Facebook ads.

Our focus is on results for our clients, and for digital advertising that translates to optimizing conversions – actionable targets like qualified leads, revenue, registrations and more, as defined by our clients’ business goals. We’re hands-on, doing the daily, weekly and monthly work to improve digital ad campaign performance with measurable results.

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“…you really want to be sure your dollars invested are getting you the results that you want and Marketing Mojo does a good job showing the value of the investment.”

Sue Watkins
Director of Marketing, Meridian Systems

But our services don’t stop with just tracking conversions. At Marketing Mojo, we work to ensure that your digital advertising efforts yield not just conversions but also a return on investment (ROI). We’ll work with your team to ensure that digital ad conversions are tracked through to your marketing automation and CRM systems so that you can truly know the effects of your digital advertising investment on your revenue and show the value marketing brings to the business.