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Archiving UA Webinar

Google Universal Analytics Archiving

On July1, 2024, Google will delete all historical data from Google Analytics Universal Analytics properties. To ensure that you will still have access to your historical data, you will need to archive the data in another location.

Marketing Mojo is offering a limited time project to help companies with the archiving process. Companies will only be able to book this service before June 16, 2024 to ensure there is enough time to archive all necessary data. Here's what our process includes:

Kickoff Meeting

Once you complete the sign up process, you'll receive a scheduling link to set up a kickoff call with our mutual teams. We'll use this time to determine how you may plan to utilize the data from Universal Analytics, how the data should be prioritized for archiving and the best method for archiving and accessing the data long term.

Kickoff Meeting
Data Archiving

Data Archiving

With our plan developed, our team will archive the Universal Analytics data in the selected archiving tool.  Depending on how your team will need to access the historical data, we may choose Excel spreadsheets, Google Sheets, or BigQuery.

Archiving Review

After the archiving step is complete, we'll sit down with your team to demonstrate how to access the archived data. We'll confirm that all requested data has been archived to ensure nothing has been missed.

Review Archiving

Have us archive your Universal Analytics for you.
$3,000.00/UA Reporting View (one time project fee)

Projects accepted through June 15, 2024.

Let's get started with your archiving project ASAP.

Fill out your contact information and book us now with a credit card to get the project started.