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Our Commitment to
Ethics, Integrity and Values

Being an independent, privately-held agency allows Marketing Mojo to be selective in the clientele that we work with. We are committed to working with companies that match our dedication to ethics, integrity and our core values. 

We proudly support:

♀️    Women's rights and the advancement of women worldwide

🏳️‍🌈  LGTBQ rights and gay marriage

🏳️‍⚧️  Transgender rights

🤎   Racial diversity, equity and inclusion

💵    Fair pay, affordable housing and  a livable wage for all

🍎    Teachers and the success of our public school system

We will not work on projects or with organizations that include:

  • Tobacco or vaping manufacturers or retailers (this does not include marijuana and CBD products)
  • Gun manufacturers, gun retailers or pro-gun lobby groups
  • Anti-climate change organizations or those that undermine climate change science
  • Organizations that seek to undermine the success of our public school system
  • Companies and organizations focused on fossil fuel-based production, including extraction of oil, natural gas and coal
  • Countries that are hostile to the US or promotion and messaging that supports these countries
  • Anti-vaccination groups and other science-denying organizations that undermine global and community health, including anti-abortion groups
  • Groups and projects that deny ethical and equal treatment of all, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, gender expression, religion and people of varied abilities
  • Political campaigns