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Exceeding Annual Ecommerce Revenue Goal by 72% 

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Services: Digital Advertising

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The Goal
Increase Ecommerce Sales

Nobel Biocare, a renowned provider of implant-based dental restorations for dental professionals, turned to Marketing Mojo to optimize and manage their digital advertising campaigns. The primary objectives for the engagement were driving revenue growth, maximizing return on investment (ROI), and optimizing return on ad spend (ROAS).

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Search Ad Performance

First Marketing Mojo updated the ads to improve overall performance. The existing bid strategy was updated to focus on maximize conversion value (i.e. revenue), helping Google Ads to serve ads more often to those identified as potential buyers. We separated lead generation and ecommerce campaigns into their own unique campaigns, allowing greater budget control by campaign goal. Additionally, we augmented the ad copy with ad extensions, enlarging the ad footprint, increasing click-through rate (CTR).

Analyzing Data

Identifying Historical Patterns

Marketing Mojo analyzed historical search ad performance data, which revealed a slight seasonality to online purchases. Accordingly, we reallocated the annual budget based on annual trends and to coincide with demand cadences. Additionally, research found that dental office managers, the main buyer of implants, primarily used desktop computers during weekday workdays when purchasing. To optimize budget, we applied device bid modifiers, reducing bids on mobile and removing tablets, allowing us to focus budget on the best performing devices -- desktop computers.

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Expanding Globally

Maximizing International Revenue

Marketing Mojo reviewed the online sales from Nobel Biocare's international audiences and discovered that the countries targeted for expansion were not necessarily the countries with the greatest historical performance or proven opportunity. We adjusted the target list and expanded international advertising in to the top 20 revenue-producing countries.

The Result

Exceeding Annual Revenue Goal by 72%

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332% increase in ROI and ROAS

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146% increase in average monthly revenue

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125% increase in monthly transactions

Cost Per Transaction Icon

75% reduction in cost per transaction

conversion rate icon

43% increase in conversion rate


9% increase in average order value

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41% increase
in CTR

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64% decrease in cost per click (CPC)

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